Friday, June 26, 2009

Hair Update

Occasion: Summer!
Where: At home

It's getting hotter and my poor girls' faces are disappearing under thick tufts of hair. Mom and Dad have been kindly reminding me to cut their hair and so finally, after cleaning the kitchen I sat the girls down one by one and chopped it all off. Elena was used to a cut so she sat perfectly still while I clumsily butchered her poor strands. Marianna, on the other hand, was traumatized. The little plastic I wrapped around her shoulders was drenched with her tears. Oh poor thing. At the very least she will feel better with shorter hair. That's less hair I have to comb. I don't know if you've noticed but Yayaa's hair is longer than Elena's so she suffers through more brushing time. Not anymore!

Hey, you know what, the way I cut her hair kinda reminds me of that picture of Mom when she was 6 or so. Striking resemblance! We're only missing the mole on the chin.

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