Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Umm... where's Yaya?"

In this picture, she's taking Uncle John's keys and....... making a break for it!!!

At first we heard a lot of shuffling in the sunroom and then there was this silence. When we looked into the room, this is what we saw.... I'm not kidding, she propped that pillow in there herself and she's "reading"!

Here's Marianna stuffing her chubby butt into the tupperware bin. I didn't catch the picture but she managed to happily shut the cupboard behind her.

When Marianna was a baby who didn't have full control of her limbs she was a very frustrated baby. When she flipped over on her stomach and learned to crawl she was soo much happier because from then on she was able to get around on her own. And yes, she will take off! I mean, there is no fear in that baby, she won't even look back to check if Mama's there for security. That baby was meant to travel. Here are some pictures that show off her adventures.

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