Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Elena!

Occasion: Elena's birthday
Where: Lulu and Lula's house

This happened a couple months back I know, but you ought to see the pictures. Elena had a wonderful birthday. Lulu and Lula brought all of us (Eva, Chris, Marianna, and Elena) to see "Disney On Ice". It was exciting to watch Mari and Elena's faces light up when the characters skated out on the ice. We weren't so excited about the $5 stale pretzels and $25 dollar toys at the stands, but it was all quite an experience! Absolutely priceless! Afterwards, we had chinese food (long noodles means "long life" and Elena looves noodles!). Then we came back to the house to blow out candles. As you can see, she loves "Thomas the Tank Engine". She couldn't wait to cut into the cake and eat it-- earlier she helped me make it and was dying to finally get into it.


  1. is there a more adorable kid? pretty pics.

  2. im just posting a hi..and a few ad reviews is all. later!